Proseat: Manufacturing reporting automation

Business Area

Proseat is synonymous with innovative seat foam, interior parts and light weight solutions for the automotive industry with plants in five European countries. To help measure the manufacture's effectivity, various data sets are collected about each production line. Putting all of the data together as one report allows to see all the data in context and have control over the production performance.

Main Challenge

The client's employee had to manually fill in reports in Excel by copy-pasting numbers from two internal systems for two kinds of reports.

First, the daily production report monitors the volume of pieces on the production lines.

The number of manufactured pieces is monitored to ensure the correct and smooth operation of the line, and to better orientate the stock status.

Second report tracks the downtime of the production lines.

For various reasons, production lines can stop compared to the original plan, and the management resolves these downtime for optimization and proper utilization of the line.

Solution Needed

Clients needed to automate filling up the reports for each of the shift and also monthly and yearly report.

Solution Provided

Robot ICT delievered two robotic processes

that are now taking care about filling up all the necessary reports.

Both of them are running 3 times a day (after each shift).

On top of daily reports we also delivered another processes for monthly and yearly reports.


All the boring reports are now performed automatically and our client employees don't have to spend time on it and can focus on more challenging and intelectual tasks.

Implemented in





Time savings

60 hours

per month




Customer Benefits

Relief from boring task

Employees can now focus on more intellectual tasks

Frequently asked questions

I understand these are not real robots like the ones on an assebly line, right?

What else can be automated in a manufacturing company?

Who is behind this solution

Jarmila Burianová

RPA Consultant

Used technologies

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