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Automation is the future of work.
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Simplify your business, support digital transformation, increase service quality, improve service delivery or reduce costs. Sound like sci-fi? It is just Process Automation. It involves integrating applications and restructuring the workforce.

The implemented robot is a kind of Artificial Intelligence that is suitable for almost all business sectors. Our solution most often found application in the banking sector, telecommunications, the automotive industry, and transport services.

Robotic process automation
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How it works ?

Robotic Process Automation refers to software that can be easily programmed to do basic tasks across applications just as human workers do. It is achieved by software robots designed and build in a dedicated RPA environment

It has very close to programming but has lower technical knowledge requirements and is much more specific and straight forward. For that reason, delivery of RPA projects is much faster, cheaper and affordable.

Our RPA playground

In case of training we offer a lot of ways how to get knowledge about RPA - courses in our RPA Academy, regularly free webinars called RPA Fridays and we also manage the knowledge forum for true automation enthusiast.

Dynamic network automation
For smoother
What is DNA

DNA is an intelligent network configuration and automation solution that enables network operations to perform most common request fullfillment tasks across thousands of devices in no time.

DNA helps network operators automate and orchestrate provisioning, configuration & management as well as auditing of network devices, while being vendor independent.

Intelligent solution
Quick administration
Productivity booster

Our DNA Software

With DNA you can make any predefined changes via a customer dashboard and have visibility over many other things. Connect your network, cloud, datacenters and security services to a single platform to manage your events, incidents, requests and to provision or update services. The Low or No Code principles make it easy for any user to build or just execute automation workflows.



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