SD WAN Deployment

Business Area

SD-WAN is the future for many companies, but migrations can be time-consuming and time-sensitive. The nature of these activities are process driven with a high level of data management to up and downstream systems. Having a scalable network with communication & security services on top of it is crucial in the human resources placement and staffing industry, particularly for large companies with a global footprint and many local offices. The use of these technologies helps to drive operational costs down on the longer term and ensuring quality service can be used by all employees, especially in companies with a large workforce and a widespread network of branches.

Main Challenge

The main challenge of SD-WAN deployment is ensuring seamless integration with existing network infrastructure and ensuring that the SD-WAN solution meets the specific needs and requirements of the organization.

A company is undergoing a network infrastructure upgrade, transitioning from a traditional infrastructure to a modern, software-defined infrastructure. This large-scale project involves the migration of 2000+ sites, located in different time zones globally, and is being carried out by a dedicated team of network and security engineers.

The migration process includes repetitive tasks that can be time-consuming and prone to manual errors. The goal of the project is to streamline and automate as much of the migration process as possible, in order to save time and reduce costs.

Main Challenge

Solution Needed

The required solution covered steps of the migration using a migration workflow, which engineers can follow for any site migration. A big advantage is that the steps are guided or fully automated, so less training is involved for the network engineers.

The features, which can be used are:

  1. Select or create a Meraki network
  2. Take an auto-save of all devices setting of the network
  3. Claim new devices into the organization, then into the network
  4. Auto-set management IP settings on devices (VLAN and DHCP)
  5. Auto-bind network and device to the new Meraki template
  6. Auto-reboot all devices of the network
  7. Run migration validation steps

Many other features can be used as well:

Automatic IP subnetting

Automatically creating the IP Subnetting plan based on the different site sizes and for all different VLANs according to network architect plans.

Scope creation in DHCP servers

Based on the previously created IP plan, import automatically all scopes with all proper DHCP options depending on the country and the VLAN.

Devices renaming automation

Generate all network equipment to new standard name according to architectural rules and rename automatically all devices in the organization.

Auto-update of Service Now CMBD

With any name changes. Automatically match with existing devices in CMBD, change the name, manage all data, create all the missing devices in CMBD

Solution Provided

Robot ICT delivered a solution providing a custom migration workflow

Because of this solution, now engineers can follow any site migration.


Steps are fully automated, which means the process is executed consistently, predictable and no training needed for new engineers.

Process cost





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Customer Benefits

Increased network agility:

SD-WAN allows for quick and easy deployment of new sites and services, reducing time to market.

Cost savings:

SD-WAN can reduce costs by leveraging lower-cost Internet connections instead of expensive MPLS.

Improved security:

SD-WAN integrates with next-generation firewalls and other security solutions to provide end-to-end protection for branch offices.

Simplified management:

SD-WAN provides a centralized management console for configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting network connectivity.

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