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What is the Process Efficiency Meter

The Process Efficiency Meter is a perfect solution for any organization or company that values their customer and is looking for a way to ensure their key processes are supporting the continuous increase of customer excellence and a process with zero waste.

Even if the aim is not to avoid waste, but automate business processes to achieve cost savings, the Process Efficiency Meter adds direct and continuous value for any process driven organization.


Driving the Process Efficiency

Management can easily see the waste within the process

End users immediately see their effect on the process

Key improvements will be identified, such as bottlenecks, waste and waiting time

Driving the Automation program

Identify autonomation, automation and process orchestration needs.

Ensures the full utilization of the automation solutions

Drives culture by making results transparent

Areas Where
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Process time

The challenge not only to measure cost savings, but also the end to end process time. Knowing that the waiting time between activities is contributing to a large portion of the total duration of a process.

Continuous improvements

Unfortunately, many organizations consider process improvements as a temporary event or activity used to solve major systematic gaps. A major challenge is the usage of data. Data to ensure changes did improve the process and data to drive future change.


In order to be successful, it’s key that the measured data is visible for different parts of the organization, meaning that the meters need to be available for integration in both management dashboards and end user workflows.

Data and Systems

Another challenge is the complexity of different systems and data involved as part of the end to end process, making it difficult to measure the end to end process consistently.


Building automation solutions costs money. The decision to start an automation project is often based on a business case showing that the benefits will outweigh the costs. Measuring this only upfront cannot be enough and measuring the achievement afterwards is difficult or non-existing.

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Our Solution


Documenting the process “as is”

Most companies have done this, but to make the solution work it’s crucial that the process on paper is the process “as is”.


Identify waste

The second step is to identify the waste, where the focus of the solution is on cycle time and waiting time. This is not a one-time activity, but potentially measured over a longer period, automatically.


Decide on the improvements

The third step is to decide on the improvements. This step can be a continuous process based on data gathered through the Process Efficiency Meter.


Implementation of the improvements

The fourth step is the implementation of the improvements, which is something that Robot ICT can help with.

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