GAN Integrity: Printable document creation

Business Area

GAN Integrity provides solutions that give global compliance management teams a single place for compliance management. Following step after the New Entity Creation process is to prepare a specific set of printable documents for the new entity.

Main Challenge

With each new entity that is being created in the internal CRM system, a set of documents ready for printing is prepared.

These documents contain specific information unique for each counterparts (URL, QR code).

These documents are being prepared and sent to counterparts email so it can be printed.

As a standardized and repeating process (connected to another one, already automated process) it was an ideal candidate for automation using UiPath.

Solution Needed

Creating a solution for this included pre-automation analysis of all the possible approaches.

The customer requested this process as a follow up process that has been already automated. So there was a need for connecting these two processes in one flow.

For the resulted files there was need to setup some convenient way of working (eg. where should the files be uploaded after creation).

Solution Provided

Robot ICT build a robotic process usign UiPath.

The goal was to be as less disruptive as possible to the current process.

We decided to automate the steps done by human when creating these documents in Adobe InDesign.

Adobe InDesign has a Data Merge function that we used to easily insert specific data into a blank template.


Template provided by client has placeholders that are being replaced by Merge Data feature of InDesign. To connect the dots we build additional logic in the first process to get necessary data ready for this process.

Thanks to UiPath robot we were able to emulate human interaction with Adobe InDesign and automate it.

As a last steps the documents were automatically uploaded to a shared folder.

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It has been really nice to work with Robot ICT - they are very flexible and collaborative and care about solving customer problems. Their staff are skilled and experts in their trade. They have been very open about sharing their knowledge and have also helped us up-skill our staff.

We look forward to our continued collaboration.

Preeti Pillai

Director of Product Management at GAN Integrity

Customer Benefits

Users can focus on more challenging and intelecutal tasks.

Robot can handle big amount of inputs during peak periods.

Human error rate reduced to zero.

Satisfy your customers by giving them more self help and control over their network

Frequently asked questions

Why the automation did not include sending the documents straight to the counterparty?

How is UiPath able to automate working in graphic tool like Adobe InDesign?

Who is behind this solution

Roman Hruška

RPA Consultant

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