Business Area

For companies that are stuck using manual labor or even paying third parties for data mining and data reports. Data is the most valuable source that any company has. Automation of data mining, results in a more effective way to process the data mining, produces more relevant data and in turn provides more value and profit.

This Use Case is focused on mining data related to the job offers and job opportunities across the Internet, based on location, where the end client wants to gather the data.

This solution could be modified for different fields, where having a large data base is essential. Like currency exchange, fly ticket comparison, accommodation comparison, best price of a specific product or service, etc.

Main Challenge

In this example, gathering data related to Job opportunities, imagine that you have a personal agency. How does a standard day for your recruiters look like?

They spend at least half of their time, searching across the different web pages and web applications to gathering the data. They gather the data about Companies that are offering job opportunities and the Applicants searching for their new roles.

If your recruiter is experienced enough, they might be able to create a solid base of information in the first part of the working day.

Then they will contact the Companies and applicants, schedule meetings, interviews and documentation handling.

"It’s too bad that my fellow colleagues in the past had to spend so much extra time every day on mining data for hours… With RPA all those extra work hours of mining data was solved and they had more time to do what they do best. More face to face interactions and getting more sales!”, said one of our clients.

Here is where you need to consider our solution: It gives you more relevant data, quickly and saves you precious time and money, instead of using human resources.

Your employees will now have more time to do things what they do best. Generating more Revenue, having more face to face meetings without having to sit behind the screen, copy and pasting data.

Solution Needed

To have a solid database you need to:

  • Gather data from a lot of resources
  • Always be consistent with gathering those data
  • Compare the data you had before and new data you have so you can make better strategic decisions
  • Have your data well structured
  • Have your data easily accessible
  • Have your data quick
  • Have your data in a cost-effective way
  • Use filters to avoid getting data you don’t need

This is currently very time consuming and expensive to achieve, however with the help of ROBOTS you can avoid the expense and spend more time on what you are experts at.

Solution Provided

Robot ICT provides a reliable and secure solution using modern technology with the following key specifications:

  • Using modern and still expanding RPA technology - By being partner with one of the major vendors brings many advantages, like quick support, better price and more advanced solutions
  • Using native APIs to get automation even quicker
  • Controlling the solutions provided remotely for quicker access
  • Providing the support on site to build trust and more personal relationship
  • Ability to modify and scale up or down the solution provided with an ease

From a user perspective, where previously there was a need for 6 different applications running at the same time on a PC, now a user can use a single browser window to display all the information, real time, focused on just the data they need, with the possibility to interact with those backend systems at any time.

Customer Benefits

If you decide to automate your data gathering using our solution, you can be ensured that you will: