Business Area

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that can be build over software which processing use got outdated, labourous or in general complicated. Robots combine human actions with computer process power and deliver reliable and fast result in repetitive task to free humans of tedious work.

Main Challenge

In the world of transportation and more specifically cross-border freight traffic and customs clearing, there is a long and cumbersome process. Often this process involves a lot of documents and is managed manually.

The process includes collecting information from truck and train release documents. Typically, only 60% of the documents are in a standard format. These documents contain customs declarations for each truck or train and the goods they transport in each of the containers - due to disruption of received documents, goods information must be adjusted multiple times in Helios system to subject to the Governal Customs administration.

However, Helios fails to enable advanced changes and his nature complicate adjustments and prolongs these cases. The documents are scanned pictures and typically, an original copy or the digital version of the text is not available. Therefore, all information about each container must be rewritten manually into the customer’s CRM system.

On top of that, documents may contain multiple declarations divided in sections of which only some are relevant for the process. Within the PDF documents these sections can start anywhere throughout the document since the structure is not predefined and can reflect random circumstance in rail freight traffic.

The customer used to divide the documents by printing and scanning the parts relevant to specific truck and train declaration which requires resources and higher processing time – this became inaccessible during the pandemic crisis when the office was not used as the prime workplace and professional equipment was not available to the employees.

Since documents are scanned pictures, the quality differs, which leads to deciphering number and letter combination which is time-consuming and demanding for human sight.

Solution Needed

User point of view:
  • The user would provide incoming documents without searching for information, comparing values and finding parts of the document relevant for the declaration
  • The user doesn’t want to scan the documents or manually change it to fit its purpose for the CRM system and Governmental Customs application
  • The user wants to reduce time and decision costs, only dedicating advanced logic where his actions are necessary
  • The user wants to access the processing power anywhere and anytime, independent of his location or working hours
  • The user doesn’t want to manually update the CRM system and declaration information for Governmental Customs application
  • The user doesn’t want to exhaust their sight on the miniature and hardly readable text
  • The user doesn’t want to spend time on basic sum calculations

Application point of view:

  • A single solution can handle different quality, validation and format requirements
  • Independent solution will handle variable document distribution without previous human interaction
  • Innovative data gathering handling obvious and clear cases
  • Faster processing solution
  • Irregularity and exception highlighting

Solution Provided

Robot ICT provides a time-unlimited solution accessible to the customer only requiring an internet connection. The solution combines computer processing power for fast results and validity control. Reliable technology substitutes human action for text recognition, data gathering, and text recreation. Additionally, creating an overview for all processed cases with the ability to spot irregularity and notify the customer of the possible extra action concerning CRM and Governmental Customs application.

Robot ICT’s solution is integrated with customer’s CRM system, allowing the customer to directly access the whole or partial process outputs in the user-friendly format where the customer may perform additional checks or changes.

The solution is using advanced Robotic Process Automation and fits exactly customer’s needs, providing a reliable, fast, and comfortable way to manage truck and rail freight transport for purpose of Governmental Customs declaration.

Customer Benefits