Automated Customs Declaration

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that can be build over software which processing use got outdated...

IP Service Provisioning

There can be quite a few bottlenecks during a CE provisioning. The hardware itself can come pre-configured from a vendor, ...

RPA Data Mining

For companies that are stuck using manual labor or even paying third parties for data mining and data reports.

DNA Diagnostics

Service Diagnostics is a key activity within the Incident Management process, typically within telecommunication or large IT organizations.

External provider systems integration

Robot ICT provides a reliable, innovative and secure solution using industry leading RPA software to integrate many different portals, ...

Automated CPE Provisioning

Technology used for any organization or company that is stuck with an old outdated application to manage their process or in case.

Smart Network Troubleshooting

Every incident ticket ending up in the technical support teams has to be properly investigated and the issue removed. The investigation...