Your 24/7 robotized employee that is never tired, never away, and always ready.

Achieve high operational cost reduction, decrease the process execution time, increase the operational efficiency through an RPA robot. All that with an 8 months average ROI.

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation refers to software that can be easily programmed to do basic tasks across applications just as human workers do. It is achieved by software robots designed in dedicated RPA tool.

It has very close to programming but has lower technical knowledge requirements and is much more specific and straight forward. For that reason, delivery of RPA projects is much faster, cheaper and affordable.

RPA in numbers

45 - 78 %

offshore jobs automated by the end of 2030

30 - 200 %

return of investment in the first year


faster processing speed achieved by the robot compared to human

99 %

of mistake reduction


more efficient while processing by robot compared to human


availability and instant response time



Process & Technology


8 months avg.

Easy Integration

Using ready-made modules

No repetitive work

Focus on value-added tasks

Ideas for Robotizing

Expensive or time consuming repetitive tasks


Administrative work which consumes time available for building relationship with customer


Processing of bulk data where human factor may lead to mistake


Tasks requiring immediate processing of incoming requests

Robotic Process Automation Traditional Programming

RPA can deliver the automation solution many times quicker. As well creating robot using RPA tool doesn´t require as much technical knowledge and experience as programming the robot the traditional way. Those two reasons allow any client to afford the automation, because the input costs are greatly reduced.

While designing the RPA solution you are provided by several prepared actions and methods that help you automate the process. If you find yourself short of any capabilities, you can still add a custom code and custom function to your robot by programming it.

Our Robot



Lives in:

PCs, notebooks and servers


doesn't sleep, doesn't need vacation, works on holiday over weekends and during nights


Automation, systems integration, bulk data processing


Repetitive tasks, competing with humans

For more information about our RPA robots and benefits you can download our presentation.