Your robotized Service Desk agent / HR Assistant / Finance Assistant / IT Support agent

Basic chatbot use cases are delivered in less than 6 weeks.

What is a Chatbot?

  • Your 24/7 robotized employee (low salary, no sickness, no holidays)
  • It’s an intelligent software (program) used to communicate with an end-user
  • Contains a business logic and decides based on the business rules
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence to understand user requirements (even in multiple languages)
  • Another form how to communicate and interact with your users
  • Can be implemented in many communication channels - like messengers, web chats, etc.

Why to use Chatbots?

More than

50 % the users

prefer to chat about their questions over a phone call

Chat is becoming the

most favorite

communication channel

You can

stay in touch

with your users any time, any day, and reply instantly

Chatbots are

not limited

by business hours, they never sleep

It can be


to other systems based on the process


no changes

in your current environment are needed to get started

Who can use a Chatbot

Everyone who needs to stay in contact with users 24/7

Everyone who deals with the similar requirements over and over again

Everyone who wants to reduce time needed to clear out the queries


  • Source code owner by customer
  • Integration to world-class NLP frameworks
  • Hosting both on-premise and cloud
  • Using modern technologies and frameworks


Customer Service (internal pilot)


Service Desk Chatbot

Facility Management

Internal HR Chatbot