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We most often supply IT experts in the field of pharmaceuticals, human resources, the banking sector, telecommunications, the automotive industry, and transport services.

Our database contains many experienced DevOps specialists, RPA developers, testers, IT architects, and Cyber Security specialists.

We have long-term cooperation with the largest transnational corporations from the Fortune 500.

We cover many


Do you need IT experts quickly & reliably?

Our dedicated team which we call Human ICT will find the right IT specialists.

How the expert delivery process works:

  1. Introductory consultation - understanding the project and the appropriate profile
  2. Project analysis and finding out the availability of our IT specialists and their interest
  3. Preselection
  4. Delivery of suitable profiles according to specified criteria
  5. Interview with the client and giving feedback
  6. Agreeing on final conditions

Benefits and


A huge database

More than 50 000 proven and experienced IT professionals are ready to work on your project.


Happy corporate clients

We have been cooperating for a long time with more than 10 stable corporate clients.


Proven by Fortune 500

The largest pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, or automotive companies (proven by Fortune 500) put their trust to RobotICT.


Quick reimbursement

In case of dissatisfaction of any of the parties, we are able to find a replacement for the existing person within 1 month.


Available experts in short time

We strongly focus on providing experts from all IT industries, based on this we can deliver professionals in a very short time (2-4 weeks).


3 months guarantee

If you will not be satisfied with our experts we guarantee money back in 3 months.

We will deliver the right
IT experts for you