Awareness course


1 day



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  • Will start of your developer career.
  • You will discover how to become RPA developer.
  • Gain knowledge and use it on real life automation scenarios.
  • You will get certification from Robot ICT, you can be part of the Robot ICT community.

Not enough?

  • After this course, you can attend RPA Advanced course, which help you to prepare for UiPath professional career and the certification.
  • Minimum attendees = maximum attention.
  • Consultation with the certified experienced lecturer.
  • Learn & use -> practice focused attitude - oriented on your business/employees work - fitted lectures by your business needs ---> Real case scenarios and project preparation will prepare your for succesful analysis and implementation.


I've heard about UiPath from the advertisement, and it engaged my attention. I've never worked with UiPath before, without any knowledge. Now I have basic knowledge, and I know how to work with this platform and its structure. The lecturer was nice, understanding, and helpful. Sometimes I lost in IT slang, but after a few days, I did not have the problem anymore with that.

Lenka Silná

I've learned a lot, most of the content was understandable, and the low number of attendees ensured enough space for finding and discussing mistakes in our codes.

Jaroslav Hradil

The course has a plan, but the presenter was replaying with such easiness for any question showing great production experience and through world scenario. This course is not technical for advanced people (looks like but is not ) and shows a best practice like the best what you can do in the worst cases scenario (i.e., not a+b=c for example, which implies that you will know that ).

Genut Covasan

Learning Plan

  • What is RPA
  • RPA in Action – show process
  • What is fit for automation
  • RPA Stages
  • RPA in a big scale
  • Hyperautomation


For beginners, basic English understanding, business user knowledge.

No other specific prerequisite is required!

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Date Time Duration Location Price Avail.
January 11 9:00-16:00 1 day Live Class 479 € / 12.990 CZK 5+
February 15 9:00-16:00 1 day Live Class 479 € / 12.990 CZK 5+
March 22 9:00-16:00 1 day Live Class 479 € / 12.990 CZK 5+


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