Advanced Course


4 days



from 799 €

Focused on

  • Best practices and using advanced features within UiPath to develop robots in a reliable, scalable and durable way,
  • Practical knowledge to make a successful implementation easy
  • Best techniques and standards to deliver well-structured and monitored projects,
  • To become an expert with specific products or the full UiPath automation platform.

Not enough?

  • Get a certification from Robot ICT.
  • Become part of the Robot ICT community.
  • Consultation with the certified experienced lecturer.
  • The most talented attendees will be invited to cooperate with Robot ICT on RPA projects.
  • Preparing you to get UiPath certification and start an UiPath professional career.
  • Minimum attendees = maximum attention.
  • Consultation with a certified experienced developers community.
  • Practice focused course - oriented on your business/employees work - fitted lectures by your personal or business needs.


Learning Plan

UiPath Orchestrator

  • Usage, users, publish process
  • Triggers - scheduling a process
  • Tenants, Folders - structure of Orchestrator
  • Assets
  • Queues

Robotic Enterprise Framework

  • State machines, states, when to use REFramework
  • Variables, arguments and transitions
  • Config file
  • Logging
  • Using REFramework with (or without) Orchestrator
  • Queuing scenarios
  • Dispatcher vs. Performer

Project lifecycle

  • Analysis, process: AS-IS vs. TO-BE
  • Ways to analyze and document the process
  • Task capturing, drawing diagrams, process maps
  • Business Requirements Document
  • Solution Design Document

Development advanced

  • Coding guidelines
  • Code review
  • Re-using components, Libraries
  • Documentation

Testing and maintenance

  • Unit Testing
  • UAT and BAU testing
  • Change management


  • Regex and fuzzy selectors
  • Modern Design Experience activities
  • Object Repository
  • PDF automation
  • Email automation


Familar with UiPath studio / RPA Development in general / completion of Robot ICT Foundation course which will prepare you for this level.

No other specific prerequisite is required!

Book a date

Date Time Lang. Location Price
27.04.–30.04.2021 9:00-16:00 English Live Class Past event
25.05.–28.05.2021 9:00-16:00 English Live Class Past event
22.06.–25.06.2021 9:00-16:00 English Live Class Past event
27.07.–30.07.2021 9:00-16:00 English Live Class Past event
31.08.–03.09.2021 9:00-16:00 English Live Class Past event
27.09.–01.10.2021 9:00-16:00 English Live Class Past event
5., 6., 12., & 13. 4. 2022 9:00-16:00 Czech Online Past event


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